Thursday, April 14, 2005

Why Late Night Brainstorming Could Be E.S.P.

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by Bobby Walker
April 10, 2005

I’m sure at some point in your life, you have awoken from a dead sleep, scurried to your office or kitchen to grab a notepad and pen, and wrote down something inspirational.

You spent all day trying to come up with ideas, but nothing worth keeping. Yet, at the moment when you are not thinking about anything and your mind is clear, it hits you like a ton of bricks!

Is this just by chance? Or does it go a little deeper, to the point of phenomenon? One theory I have is that when the day is done, you have finally started to wind down, and are no longer thinking about problems at work or with your family. At this point, perhaps when you are lying in bed about to fall asleep, your mind is perceptive to all things in the universe.

You no longer have bias, or bad past experiences to cloud your thought process. Your mind is completely clear and ready to take in information. This is usually when some of your best ideas occur.

Another theory is that you could be experiencing E.S.P.(extra sensory perception). This theory to me is very realistic; you can easily have a hyper-sensitivity or pick up on something in your environment that other people don’t see or hear.

Because your mind is free to any and all information, you are able to see and experience things around you from a different view point. This type of “sixth sense” is obviously not something that everyone has.

That’s not to say that we all, to some degree couldn’t develop this natural ability that we all possess. Some people like to call this “intuition”. Have you ever suddenly had a thought that your phone was going to ring? Somehow, you knew someone was about to call you?

This has happened to me on many occasions, but not just about my phone ringing. I once had a powerful thought come over me while I was driving at night, down a rural two lane road, that I needed to slow down, even though I was only driving 55mph. So I did slow down, to about 40mph. About ten seconds later, there were literally thirty cows right on the highway!

Some people would dismiss this as some type of coincidence, but I know it was much more than that. I have read that women have more of this natural ability that men do. This is one of the reasons why your business should always have diversity. All people have some unique skill or specialized area that no one else has.

Meditation is also a technique that can bring out more of your natural ability to see things that under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t. It relaxes your mind, relieves stress, and has many other benefits that are too long to list.

You must approach your business with an open mind and consider all things and ideas that people have, regardless of how absurd they seem to you. Without thinking “outside the box”, your success will be very limited.

Set yourself up a daily routine that includes at least 15 minutes of meditation per day, and any other technique that you have not introduced to your daily program. This will trigger fresh actions and thoughts.

By doing different things on a daily basis, you come up with all new ideas that you have had trouble with before. If you go through the same actions each and every day, you tend to wear a groove that you follow and never get out of.

A train travels down the same track and the same path, going from point A to point B. Is this how you want to develop your business? While you probably will have moderate success doing this, it will limit your potential.

In summary, change up parts of your routine, meditate to induce new thoughts, be more perceptive to other people’s ideas, and keep your notepad by your bedside to prepare for those late night flashes of genius.

If you need more information on E.S.P. or ways to implement new ideas into your business, will have all the resources you need to get started.

Bobby Walker, Internet Marketer
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

6 Fatal Design Flaws “Newbie” Web Designers Make: These Mistakes Will Kill Your First Website, Baby -

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by: Mitone Griffith

Even if you’re not an accomplished webmaster you can still have a professional looking website. You may be like I was five years ago—you’re teaching yourself web design and you’re starting to catch on to that HTML stuff. You’re so excited about your new bag of tricks—but slow down partner, sometimes less is more. In fact the only time more is more is when it concerns chocolate cheesecake or something like that. (I can never get enough chocolate!)

You’ve worked hard to get the traffic—now don’t drive them away.

1. Fatal Flaw One — Bouncing, Wiggling Animated Clip Art

This one is really annoying to website visitors, and a sure sign you don’t know what you’re doing, especially if you have them all over the place. Just because they’re free, doesn’t mean you should use them.

SOLUTION: You’re probably not a graphics designer if you resort to using clip art, so don’t worry about your weakness, just choose a nice color scheme instead in your tables. (More on that later.) Colors don’t take extra time to download either.

2. Fatal Flaw Two — Embedded Music Clips

Good grief! Don’t do this. I don’t care how catchy your elevator tune is. No one wants to hear it. Sometimes speakers are turned up and a sudden blare of music will scare the heck out of your visitors. They’ll probably leave!

SOLUTION: If you have a site that sells music, then people will expect to hear it sometime somewhere at your site. Make your music links clickable — a choice that visitors can make to listen!

3. Fatal Flaw Three — Unstructured Text

I can’t stand it when I land on a site that I have to read from each side of my screen to the other left and right as well as up and down. Even if you want to write one long sales letter—which obviously works fine for hundreds of rich webmasters, you still need to format it into a legible width.

SOLUTION: Put your text in one single data cell of a simple table. Center your table. Voila.

4. Fatal Flaw Four — Out of Control Scroll

Similar to number three, is the out of control scroll. This is when you have to scroll text left to right as well as up and down. This happens when newbies design their websites larger than 800 pixels wide.

SOLUTION: Most people view resolution at 800x600. Set your table widths around 750 and everyone will be able to look at your site without using a bottom scrollbar.

5. Fatal Flaw Five — Gargantuan Images

This is when newbies take photos directly off their scanner or digital camera without resizing and without compressing. And nothings worse than landing on a page that has an image taking over the whole screen, taking forever to download.

SOLUTION: Using a photo program like Paint Shop, Photo Shop or other, resize images to fit in the table you intend to put it in. (Usually under 500 pixels wide.) Compress to 72 dots per inch. (DPI) Photos scanned or taken for print are large and usually at 300 dpi — no one wants to wait on those!

6. Fatal Flaw Six — Nonsense Affiliate Links

This is the same as “sites with no value.” There’s nothing that looks more like a newbie did it than a page full of banners, buttons, and text links taking visitors away from the Newbie’s site.

SOLUTION: At least publish free articles on the topic of your affiliate program. For example, let’s say you’ve signed up for a “make money selling traffic” idea. There are thousands of free articles that you can publish on getting more website traffic. Put your affiliate link at the bottom, top, or middle of the page the article is published on. Not only will having content make your site more interesting, it will also make your site more valuable to search engines.

These are just 6 little mistakes. But if you can at least change these, you are well on your way to having a more saleable site!

About The Author:
Mitone Griffith has been designing websites since 1999. Her streamlined 24 Hour Website Wizard will assist you in getting your website running in less time than it would take to get that book on HTML to ship from Amazon. Give her Wizard 24 hours. Invest a low $199. You’ll have a complete and custom website overnight. You’ve got nothing to lose. 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Just visit to learn more, or email to

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Your Perception is Reality -

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Dear Reader,

If "Average People" could become wealthy...your buddy who runs the copy machine at Kinkos would've quit by now.

AVERAGE people know they can't get rich---that's why they play the state lottery!

AVERAGE people will never rise above a mediocre income.

Average people who posess the that's ALL together different!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> X-FACTOR:

Individuals who are blessed with the "x-factor" posess the following...

* Patience

* Discipline

* Unlimited sense of possiblity

* Open mindedness

* An extraordinary level of ambition and desire to get ahead in life

* Definiteness of purpose

* They despise mediocrity

Here's the behavior of someone without the x-factor...

- Very impatient. They have to get rich in 30 days or they quit!

- They have zero control of their time and therefore cannot manage their affairs.

- They think everything outside of a J-O-B, an IRA, a 401K, Cd or Mutual Fund is a scam.

- They're know-it-alls. Always talking instead of listening.

- NO "real" desire---NO passion---NO fire.
Ever seen a deadman walking?

- They never have a plan. They drift from day-to-day and happily take whatever life gives out.

- They stick to tradition and cling closely to their box. They move with the herd---Moooo.

You wanna move from average to fortune?

Change your routine.


> Wake up (2) hours earlier and go to bed an hour later. Work longer and harder. Kids sleep eight hours a day.

> Read five to ten pages everyday on something that can elevate you as a person.

> Take on 2-3 more tasks that you think you simply "can't do"--THEN DO THEM!!

> Most wannabees follow wannabees. Like attracts like. Raise your self image.

> Find a successful mentor and follow them. All great people were once followers.

> Have an immaculate home, office, car etc.---99% of wealthy people do. Your living quarters is a reflection of your mind!

> Start a diary. If you take yourself seriously---others will too.

> Listen to personal development tapes whenever you're driving. Use your time more wisely.

Your Perception is Reality!

The only limits you have, are the ones you have placed on yourself through your negative thinking.

Start erasing your self appointed boundaries with your "I Can" options.

See it first---believe it---then make it happen!


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Monday, April 11, 2005

Dirty Secrets Of Co-Registration Email Lists

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By Willie Crawford

Years ago, I listened to Internet marketing "gurus" share that they had lists in the hundreds of thousands, and I was all ears. Up to that point, I had not managed to get my lists above 60,000 (after many years of consistently working at it).

After a little further investigation, some of them shared with me that they often purchased new list members in batches of 25,000... 50,000... even several hundred thousand. Knowing the value of each of my individual list members, based upon how much each spent with me per year on average, visions of riches started dancing in my head.

Then this little voice in the back of my head asked if this wasn't DANGEROUS! Wouldn't I get spam complaints... or something. How could I just buy email addresses and add them to my list? Was this legal? why didn't more people know about this, and why weren't more people doing it.

So I investigated further.

One of the first things I discovered was that lots of big name marketers were using co-registration leads with great results.

Further investigation showed me that these leads were generated in a variety of way, and that there was a wide range of differences in quality AND methods of generating these lists.

What I now consider the best method of generating co-registration lists is to have a service get people to sign up SPECIFICALLY for your list. There are companies that allow you to write up a description of your list, and this description is displayed on an opt-in form on high traffic websites. The sites' visitors read the description of your list, and based upon that description decide to subscribe. I consider this the best method because the individuals are specifically subscribing to YOUR list.

The service I've used most for generating the above-describe type of subscriber is called Lead Factory. You can read about them and their services here:

Another type of subscriber, or lead, that you can purchase is a lead who didn't specifically subscribe to YOUR list, but did request more information on your type of product. These leads are often gathered by companies putting a form on high traffic sites inviting people to request more information on business opportunities... or other profitable topics. Prospects fill in the form and are then added to lists that are sold to people looking for leads or subscribers. This can be where things get sticky...

The first place where things can get murky is that some sites don't make it clear to these individuals that they are going to sell their information. They sometimes state this but not in a very clear fashion. So they compile these lists and sell them to people looking for leads interested in a specific topic. If you buy one of these list, and it wasn't made incredibly clear that they were going to be contacted by a bunch of people offering to "help them," these people could get somewhat upset when their email boxes start getting flooded.

The above problem stems largely from the fact that some firms offering opt-in leads TRICK people into "agreeing" to receive offers. They may use a statement as vague as that business associates will also send them special offers. If you email these people, they may get very upset since, in their opinion, your email was uninvited... and unwelcome intrusion.

There are services that make it very clear that they will have people who offer income opportunities or online business opportunities contacting you. The better of these companies build lists specifically for a given customer and they don't sell the lists to more than a few customers. One firm I've use that's like this is know as Nitro. These guys get an order and they build a list specifically for that customer. Actually, they allow one customer to buy a list that is only for their use, or, for less of an investment, that customer can get a custom-built list that's shared with up to 3 other marketers. You can check these guys out at:

NOTE: I specifically mentioned the Nitro guys because I know them personally, and have GRILLED them on their business practices and HOW they generate leads. I believe that they operate a very reputable and ethical business. I CAN'T make that statement about all of the more than a dozen companies that I have investigated.

One of the biggest dangers in using co-reg leads who didn't specifically subscribe to your list is of course the likelihood of spam complaints. If a subscriber views your email as unwelcome, then in their eyes you spammed them. There are factors that increase the likelihood of this happening, and there are ways of reducing or completely eliminating the probability of these complaints.

One factor that increases the likelihood of complaints is the age of the list. If you purchase an Old list, there's a good chance that dozens of people just like you also purchased that list and have emailed these people. These people are now simply tired of being offered more "help." With a fresh list ... only a few days to a few weeks old, you're less likely to encounter this problem.

When someone fills in a form on a website requesting more information, they are actually INTERESTED in receiving more information. Why else would they fill in the form... except in the instances previously mentioned where they are tricked ... or perhaps even incentivized to fill in the form in exchange for a gift.

Given that an individual really is interested in receiving more information on a given topic, the correct way to approach them is to introduce yourself and allow them to warm up to you BEFORE you try to sell them anything. You need to send them a series of email that identify yourself, PROVE to them that you are legitimate, and demonstrate to them that you really do have their best interest at heart. This takes time and effort. There is a lot of technique to this. I've studied the topic of warming co-reg leads up to you... extensively. The single best report I've ever read on the topic is called "Co-Reg Secrets." You can find it here:

When using co-reg leads, I personally tell the person in my first few emails why I'm emailing them, where I got their contact information from, and I also tell them that if they are no longer interested how they can get off of the list with just a click. This has worked well for me although my lists are now so HUGE that I rarely use co-reg leads. It's a fact that those who visit your site and then subscribe to your list are more valuable... much more responsive!

I mentioned the danger of not using only FRESH lists. The reason this is CRITICAL is that many people who purchase lists turn around and sell them to recoup some of their costs. This sort of makes sense. There's a good chance that many of these leads don't see the majority of emails sent to them simply due to filters, etc. It's also possible that what you have to offer may not be exactly right for them.

The PROBLEM comes when a list is resold over and over again! "Buyer A" resells a list to 5 people, and 2 of them resell it to 6 people each, and 3 of them resell it to 4 people each. By this time, those "opt-in lead" are getting pretty frustrated with having their personal email box flooded with JUNK email. Then you buy one of these list, add them to your autoresponders, and your ISP gets 20 complaints from irate people in 20 minutes. On top of that you get 100 emails with some "choice" words about your heritage and suggesting strange things you can do to yourself. To protect themselves and their other customers your web host or list host shuts you down! Not a good day.

Done properly, with a quality list, or better yet, one built specifically for you (with the opt-in actually subscribing to YOUR list), using co-reg leads can be an excellent way to grow a list incredibly fast. Done wrong, or if you're just plain unlucky, it can be a real disaster. I even know of one "big name" Internet marketer who received a death threat after using a co-reg list.

If you are considering using co-reg leads you want to check the terms of service closely at your web host or list hosts. Many prohibit you using co-reg leads to mail from their servers, or even to promote domains hosted with them. They simply don't want to risk the potential adverse effects. Many autoresponder services such as the one I operate at will NOT allow you to mass import co-reg leads. However, there are other autoresponder services that understand the nature of using co-reg leads, and view it as a legitimate business model. I can point you to some of those if you ask.

The purpose of this article is merely to educate. It's not to offer ANY advice. It's just to make you aware of a common practice and show you some things that you need to consider. Another purpose of the article is to stimulate discussion. I invite you to discuss this topic on my Internet marketing discussion forum:

Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author, seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host, retired military officer, karate black belt, master network marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He shows people how to actually generate substantial income on-line using very simple, easily modeled systems. An example of such a system that you can study and duplicate is at:

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