Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Adwords and Adsense Road To Big Profits

by Darren Yates

Do you use Adsense to monetize any of your websites?

Do you use Adwords to buy in visitors to any of your websites?

Have you considered combining the two and sending Adwords traffic to your site featuring Adsense Ads? There are huge profits currently being made by enterprising site owners who are buying low cost keywords and sending the traffic to high paying Adsense ads.

Sounds simple doesn't it?
It is - and believe me, it works.

The problem is, it can be a real balancing act if you go about this the wrong way. You can loose serious money or just scrape a marginal profit.

First of all, you need to find a niche market. Stay clear of the Internet Marketing arena - there's just too much competition there. Instead look into day to day niche markets. But before you do this you need to consider your target keyword. For best results you need a high bid keyword; that is, a keyword that Adwords advertisers are willing to pay a lot for per click.

You can find these for free over on the Overture bid tool. Most bids displayed there are likely to amount to much more on Adwords. For a more accurate bid pricing you can use one of the numerous paid for services that have sprung up across the Net this year. These services analyse thousands of keywords, there bid price, the number of advertisers bidding, the number of searches for that keyword and some of the better services will even report the ad clicks you can expect per day.

One of the better paid for services I came across you can find here www.cashkeywords.com (non affiliate link). They run a list which is constantly being updated and added to. So you will always have a regular fresh source of keywords to target. Currently they stand at around 133,000 keywords.

Next you need to set up a page focused on your chosen keyword. You could buy a domain name for this or simply add the page to one of your existing sites. Grab some free content focused on your chosen keyword in the form of an article from any of the major article directories(www.ezinearticle.com) and add it to your page.

(Domain and web hosting available here.)

You should also be sure to title the page with your chosen keyword. Adding a related graphic will also help. What you're trying to do here is instil a little confidence in the visitor and avoid having your page look like one of those spammy Adsense sites that crop up all over the place. Visitors will simply click away if you don't put a little effort into your page. You will still get some clicks but you can get so many more with a little effort.

Here's one of my pages as an example -

Next place your Adsense ads in a number of spots on the page. You will need to test this to see which positions perform best. The prime spot according to Google is directly within the content of the page. Beyond that a good starting point would be across the top, the bottom and down the left side of your content. Essentially where the navigation appears traditionally.

Once you've got this set up start work on your Adwords campaign. Create your own list of targeted keywords, obviously I'd recommend PPC Accelerator for that. ;) Now here you don't need to worry about using high paying keywords in your own list because you will be setting your daily budget at just 5-10c. This will guarantee you don't appear on the first page for those high paying keywords. Instead you are focusing here on related keywords that you can pick up cheaply. Refer back to the issue on keyword list building for keyword avenues you can explore.

Before you run your campaign go into 'Edit settings' and uncheck all the boxes under 'Network' except Google search. This will ensure your ad appears only on Google itself, with the most proactive visitors. If this turns out to be a money making campaign you can go back into 'Edit settings' and switch those options back on.

Finally, set your daily budget low and run your campaign.

As you are probably aware neither Adwords or Adsense report stats in real-time so you will have to sit back for an hour or so before any results come in. Be sure to monitor this campaign regularly to weigh up whether your income from Adsense is covering your outgoings on Adwords.

As with any campaign there are a number of factors to take into account when it comes to click through rate. Chief among these I've found to be the day and the time of day. Some campaigns work better during the week during office hours others bring better results at the weekend.

If you're making a small profit then it may be worth tweaking your set up. If your profit is on a tightrope or you're loosing money then it may be better to move on to a different keyword.

Once you have a winning campaign start again, find another high paying keyword etc. etc.

That's it, if you take action now you'll be in for a nice bonus come January. I'm sure that will help you to recover from the Xmas splurge. :)

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Monday, December 05, 2005

How to create your own high demand product that you keep 100% of the sale from

by Keir Smith

(c) Copyright 2005 by Keir Smith

One of the problems information marketers face today is coming up with ideas for hot information products that they can sell over and over.

Well, I have some good news for you. I'm going to share with you 2 of my favorite ideas for creating hot in demand information products that will get your customers excited to give you their money.

Step One: Target audience.

This is the cornerstone of creating your hot information product. Having an information product for the right audience is the only way for you to get your prospects to fork over their hard earned cash.

For example, when I created a report for email marketers. I put the word email marketers right smack at the beginning of the report. And if you'll notice, I lead off this report with the word information marketers. If you're an information marketer, and you come across this report, then you will quickly identify with it.


Because, you guessed it, I used a targeted word right at the beginning .

So the trick here is to make sure you include a word or phrase that directly targets your audience. Preferably in the first paragraph. This way your audience will immediately know that this is the report they're looking for.

Step Two: Pick a hot topic.

Here is where you will really catch a few fish. The thing here is to find a pressing problem your target market is having and make their problem the basis of your report. This will attract your target market to your report faster than fly paper can catch a fly.

And it's also important to mention that your report should stress that they can find the answer to their problems right there in your report.

When you do this correctly, your prospects will be lining up to get their hands on your information.

Need some help finding out what exactly is a hot topic for your market?

I thought you would.

What I like to do is visit forums that are related to the topic of my report. And the way I find these forums is by doing a quick google search. For instance, I'll type in marketing forum if my report is about marketing. Or, I'll type in affiliate marketing forums if my report is about affiliate marketing.

Once I find a forum, I'll start to snoop around a bit. What I'm looking for here is "Hot Topics". Just looking at the posts with the most responses lets me know that this is a hot topic.

Next, I'll look for the root of the posts. By this I mean, what was the post that started it all? Once I find it, I'll begin to look for possible angles on this topic that I might be able to create a information report on.

And the rest is simply researching and compiling information that I find in my studies.

That's it. Congratulations! You've just created a hot information report!

You can really get the ball rolling if you create a new report at least once a month for different hot topics you come across. Charge between $10.00 - $27.00 for them, and out the door they go. Now you've suddenly got your own information publishing bakery.

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