Friday, March 18, 2005

VoIP (Computer Phone) Warning

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by Dee Scrip ©All rights reserved

Never before in the history of telecommunications has a more important warning been needed for current and potential VoIP (computer phone) users who have joined, or will be joining, in the inevitable paradigm shift from telephone to VoIP.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Beware of VoIP internet service providers that operate on industry standard codec and industry standard protocols because they are PUBLICLY OPEN and INTERPRETABLE! This also includes, but is not limited to, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

In plain terms, this means, if you subscribe to, or considering subscribing to a VoIP internet solution provider who operates on these industry standards – and over 90% do -- you have inadvertently made yourself vulnerable to the criminal activities of hackers. Regardless of the type of anti virus software you have on your computer, the publicly accessible industry standards provide a pathway by which these criminals can access your computer to plant viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and/or steal your identity.

Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, unscrupulous criminal hackers view systems operating on these industry standards as their personal “Cash Cow” because of the ease by which they can access your computer and gather your information to sell to other criminals.

Did you know that some hacker-friendly providers offer processor chips that are only sold on the Internet?

Did you know that hacker-friendly providers actually offer hacker software that enables these criminals to deliberately disable security on computers, access your personal and confidential information, as well as inject their viruses, worms, and/or Trojan horses?

For instance, “Vomit” is a free download software that was designed to convert VoIP phone conversations into a wave file which could be played with standard sound players. Hackers gleefully interpret this as a tool they can utilize to attack unsuspecting victims.

Hacker manuals are also easily accessible via the Internet. One of these manuals shows how to DoS other sites. DoSing (Disruption of Service) involves gaining unauthorized access to the “command prompt” on your computer and using it to tie up your vital Internet services. When a hacker invades your system, they can then delete or create files and emails, modify security features, and plant viruses or time bombs onto your computer.

“Sniff” is another tool (originally intended to help telecommunication professionals detect and solve problems) that criminal hackers use to tamper with the protocol and “sniff out” data. When hackers sniff out a data packet from Internet traffic, they reconstruct it to intercept conversations. This enables them to eavesdrop on conversations, gather information, and sell it to other unprincipled criminal entities.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most sinister of vulnerabilities you can inadvertently be subjected to. Identity theft is defined by the Department of Justice as

“…the wrongful obtaining and using of someone else’s personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain.”

Identity theft is the by-product of unscrupulous criminal individuals obtaining your social security number (including those of your spouse and children), your bank account, your credit card information, etc. Your information is then sold to other criminal entities for profit. Using your information, these criminals can then:

·access your bank account funds
·create new bank accounts with your information
·create driver’s licenses
·create passports

Attorney General Ashcroft stated that,

"Identity theft carries a heavy price, both in the damage to individuals whose identities are stolen and the enormous cost to America's businesses.”
Don’t be naïve enough to think it won’t happen or couldn’t happen to you!

A group hosting a website known as was indicted on conspiracy charges for stealing credit card numbers and identity documents, then selling them online. While this group allegedly trafficked $1.7 million in stolen credit card numbers, they also caused losses in excess of $4 million.

According to a Press Release issued by the Department of Justice on February 28, 2005, a hacker was convicted of several counts of fraud, one in which

“…he fraudulently possessed more than 15 computer usernames and passwords belonging to other persons for the purpose of accessing their bank and financial services accounts, opening online bank accounts in the names of those persons, and transferring funds to unauthorized accounts.”

If you are using a VoIP internet service provider and do not want to be a victim of Identity Theft, then take the first step to protect yourself -- don’t use VoIP internet service providers operating on industry standard codec and industry standard protocols.

Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses

On January 28, 2005, a press Release issued by the Department of Justice reported that a 19 year old was convicted for his criminal activity by “…creating and unleashing a variant of the MS Blaster computer worm.” Christopher Wray, Attorney General – Criminal Division stated that,

"This … malicious attack on the information superhighway caused an economic and technological disruption that was felt around the world.”

On February 11, 2005, in a Press Release issued by the Department of Justice, reported that another criminal was sentenced for circulating a worm. This worm,

“directed the infected computers to launch a distributed denial of service (DOS) attack against Microsoft's main web site causing the site to shutdown and thus became inaccessible to the public for approximately four hours.”
March 7, 2005, posted discovery of a worm named “W32.Serflog.B” that spread through file-sharing networks and MSN Messenger – networks that operate on publicly open and interpretable industry standard codec and protocols, including P2P systems, as well as Instant Messaging systems—none of which are protected, regardless of the anti virus software on your computer. The W32.Serflog.B worm also lowers security settings and appears as a blank message window on the MSN Messenger.
If you don’t want to be the next victim of the devastation created by worms, STOP using services that operate on industry standard codec and protocols, and/or services that incorporate P2P systems.

Anti virus software does not incorporate protection for Instant Messaging services. In addition, Instant Messaging services, in and of themselves, do not include protection for their users.

If you like the convenience of text chatting via Instant Messaging, then use a VoIP internet service provider that includes the Instant Messaging feature -- one that does not operate on industry standard codec or industry standard protocols that are publicly open and accessible.

Optimally secure VoIP service providers that incorporate a secure Instant Messaging feature, operate from their own proprietary high end encryption codec on patented technology that is hosted in a professional facility. Simply put, when a VoIP internet service provider operates on optimally secure platforms, the Instant Messaging feature on the VoIP softphone, is also protected with their technology.

A Trojan horse is a program that internet criminals use to interrupt and interfere with your security software and produces the following results

·Terminates processes
·Removes registry entries
·Stops services
·Delete files

Hackers, who have gained access to your computer, because of the programs and software as mentioned above, are having a field day incorporating this nasty little program into their arsenal of weapons.

As recently as March 4, 2005, a new Trojan horse was discovered that modified settings in Internet Explorer. Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP were the reported systems that could be affected.

Here’s the bottom line.

1.If you are currently using a VoIP internet solution provider that operates on industry standard codec and industry standard protocols that are publicly open and interpretable, you need to make a decision:
a. Continue enticing criminal hackers and remain on their service, or
b.Take immediate corrective action.

2.If you are currently using Instant Messaging of any sort, you need to make a decision
a. Continue enticing criminal hackers and remain as a user of their service, or
b.Take immediate corrective action.

If you decide to take immediate corrective action:

1.Find a VoIP internet solution provider that has their own proprietary high end encryption codec
2.Find a VoIP internet solution provider that has their own proprietary patented technology
3.Find a VoIP internet solution provider that hosts their proprietary patented technology in a professional facility
4.Find a VoIP internet solution provider that includes the Instant Messaging feature in their proprietary patented technology

Here’s a place you can look over to see what a VoIP internet solution provider looks like that operates on their own proprietary high end encryption codec with their own proprietary patented technology hosted in a professional facility, AND that incorporates the Instant Messaging feature.

**Attn Ezine editors / Site owners **
Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site so long as you leave all links in place, do not modify the content and include the resource box as listed above.

About the Author:
Dee Scrip is a well known and respected published author of numerous articles on VoIP, VoIP Security, and other related VoIP issues. Other articles can be found at:

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Does Your Copy Look "Fake" To the Search Engines?

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by Karon Thackston © 2004

From the early days of search engine optimization, keywords and content have always been vital to achieving your goals. Starting back in the days when we used to shove every slightly relevant keyword into our Meta tags, it has been obvious that search engines love text. The more advanced the engines have gotten over the years, the more complex and sophisticated many writers have gotten with their search engine copywriting.

Supposed formulas, saturation levels, and other mysterious concoctions have been developed to help us outsmart the engines. However, what we should have been doing all along was writing for the visitor first and the engines second. Why? Because creating a site that's loved by visitors is a prime factor in linking, ranking, and marketing as a whole. As the engines make great strides with more personalized and efficient searches (such as semantic search) natural search engine optimization writing is even more important.

Rather than just indexing the copy on your site, engines are learning to "understand" what a page is about. The ironic thing is, as the search engines get more complex the "formula" for SEO copywriting is actually getting more simple.

Write Naturally

In the future, search engines will be looking for Web pages that reflect a natural tone with the copy. Is it obvious that keyphrases are being shoved in wherever possible? Does every headline/sub-head, image tag, and comment tag have a keyphrase included? Does the copy sound fake, unnatural, and stiff? If so, then spiders and bots will recognize it and possibly flag it as something to be wary of.

Take a look at this lovely piece of copy I found while surfing just the other day. (I've replaced the keyphrases used in the original copy with the word "wherever" so as not to embarrass the site owner.)

Wherever Holiday Rentals

Holiday rentals in Wherever for holidays in Wherever

Wherever holiday rentals directly from the owners. Rent a holiday villa in Wherever or perhaps a 2-6 bedroom apartment in Wherever. Wherever vacation rentals for holidays in Wherever are easily located by searching the Wherever Holiday website. Wherever Holiday Rentals offer holiday apartments in Wherever and holiday villas.

Find accommodation in Wherever by clicking on the Wherever map or the active links. You will then see holiday rental apartments, villas and townhouses in stunning Wherever accommodation.

Let's suppose someone walked into your travel agency and asked for help. You would most likely ask what they were looking for. They would reply, "Holiday rentals in Wherever. What can you show me?" Would you honestly take off on the spiel above? Can you see yourself talking to a real client face-to-face and saying, "We offer Wherever holiday rentals in Wherever and can find you many apartments, villas, and houses in Wherever"? I don't think so.

Tips for Writing In Natural Language

1) Vary your keywords/phrases. For example, if a keyphrase you particularly want to target is "14k gold jewelry" consider also using keyphrases like "14k gold watches" or "gold wedding bands" or others along those lines. This will give you a variety of phrases within your copy.

2) Read it out loud. When you read your copy out loud you'll get a better sense of whether it sounds unnatural. If you wouldn't say, "We make 14k gold jewelry and have made 14k gold jewelry for 10 years. If you need 14k gold jewelry just view our catalog" out loud, then don't put it in your copy, either.

3) Break up keyphrases. As searchers get more knowledgeable about finding what they want in the engines, they use longer and longer search queries some of which just don't make any sense. For instance, I recently had to use the phrase "real estate Pittsburg downtown" when writing a page of SEO copy. Since this search string was not easily worked in as that exact phrase, I broke it up. One sentence I used it in said: "When looking for commercial real estate in Pittsburg check the downtown listings first for exceptional locations and prices." The words are still in the same order with minor breaks in between. When you can't use a phrase "as is" this is a very viable alternative.

Keep in mind the direction search engine optimization is taking. The closer you can get to writing in natural language, the better off you'll be. It only makes sense to create a site now that will last through the long haul. Especially when that site will have a better chance of favorably appealing to the engines and your visitors.

About the Author:
Karon is author of “How To Increase Keyword Saturation (Without Destroying the Flow of Your Copy).” Discover the secrets to creating SEO copy with a perfect balance between keywords and natural language.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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sub-heads - used to build on the benefits the reader receives, and can also quickly summarize the offer, also used throughout the sales letter to draw attention to main benefits, or to re-spark attention and curiosity

problem/solution - a sales technique of discussing the problem the prospect has, how painful it is, discuss possible solutions, and then reveal your solution and why it's the best choice

stories - people relate to stories and it helps you write in a way to appeal to the emotions of your reader

testimonials - provides proof that what you say is true, and that other people have bought and are happy, and you are liked and trusted

benefit bullets - short and snappy 'mini-headlines' used throughout your sales letter to build desire for the benefits your product/service provides the reader

transitions - used to get from one section to another, or from one thought to another to smooth out the flow

offers - here's where you state exactly what they get, how much it costs, and any other details of the transaction

bonuses - use bonuses to build extra value into your offer, the bonuses should be related to your main offer

guarantees - this provides comfort to your reader that you stand behind your product, and that you the seller are taking the risk, rather than the buyer, always use the longest guarantee possible

call to action - tell your reader exactly how to order now, tell them to pick up the phone, send in the fax, click this button, and to do it now

PS’s - next to the headline, this is the second most closely read part of your sales letter - it's your chance to state your main benefits, offer, and guarantee to your reader

and more - study each letter closely and see what other strategies you can find

And all of this is organized into Seven Sections...

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Increasing Conversions Through Action-Oriented Copywriting

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by Karon Thackston © 2005

I do site reviews. Needless to say, I see a lot of Web copy. One thing that always befuddles me is the lack of focus many site pages have. It's as if the writer assumes the site visitor will read the copy and automatically know what to do next. The fact is you have to know what action you want visitors to take before you get them to take that action. That means knowing what the preferred action you want visitors to take is, before you write the copy.

Think About It

Before you pen one word (for the Web or any other marketing medium), stop and think. "After reading this copy, what - specifically - do I want my site visitors to do?" Maybe you want them to click deeper into the site. Perhaps you want them to buy right then and there. It could be that you'd like them to call to discuss your product or service. Make a donation. Subscribe. Download. There are thousands of possible actions. Give some consideration to the question above and choose the action you most want your visitors to take.

Signposts Point the Way

The next step is to include signposts along the way so your visitors understand what they're supposed to do once they've read your copy. Leaving verbal clues helps prepare your visitors to take action once the time comes.

For instance, if you run a software site that offers a free trial download, you can prepare your visitors to get the trial version all throughout your copy by mentioning "free download" or "free trial." Your copy might read:

Email Lock software allows you to send emails and attachments securely through encrypted channels. With the free download, you'll discover just how easy it is to protect your messages and attachments from spying eyes. It's ultra-easy to use. You'll send emails just as you always have, and your recipients won't know anything has changed, either. The free trial version is fully functional and allows you to experience all the flexibility and simplicity of sending safe and encrypted emails and attachments.

What's happening as your site visitors read? They see phrases like, "With the free download, you'll discover…" OK, where's the download button? Then they read, "The free trial version is fully functional…" Wonderful! I want it! How do I download the free trial?

They begin looking for ways to take the action you want them to take. So tell them how!

Ready? And… Action!

Your job is just like a movie director's job. The director has to motivate and encourage his actors. He tells them why their characters are so important to the film. The director helps the actors understand the emotions involved with the parts they are playing. Then, once he has them all primed, he calls for action.

That's what you should do in your copy. Guide your visitors. Lead and nudge them in the right direction. Show them signposts that point to the action you want them to take. Then call for them to take that action.

Once you give your copy focus, once you define a goal for the copy and an action for your visitors, you'll find it easier to write copy that converts.

About the Author:
Karon Thackston is a veteran copywriting pro who specializes in SEO copy. If your copy isn't getting results, let Karon teach you how to write SEO copy that impresses the engines and your visitors at
Be sure to check out Karon’s latest ebook:
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

10 Musts to Look For in a Great Home Business

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Thinking about a Home Business? Consider these suggestions when choosing which one and what kind you're interested in -

1. No Start Up Cost
90% of all people lose money in MLM. Find a company that doesn't charge you money to prove that you are 'serious' and you will be money ahead.

2. No Quotas
The last thing you want is to have to buy something you don't want or need, just for the sake of meeting a quota. Just say “no”!

3. No Experience Necessary
Any worthwhile program will not require you to be an expert in that field. Learn as you go.

4. Look for Residuals
Find a company that pays you a residual income, month after month. This money will allow you to grow your business over the long term.

5. The Product
Don't settle for high price items that are difficult to sell. Make your life easy and find a product that sells itself - based on price and quality.

6. No Paperwork
In the Internet age, there is NO reason to not have electronic order fulfillment. Save the trees! It's just good for your karma and saves you time - your most valuable natural resource.

7. Go Global
Expand your business to all reaches of the planet by setting up your own web site. You will take orders in your sleep with the right web strategy and implementation.

8. Help!?
Find a program that will not force you to pay money for "Training Kits" or Training Seminars. Helping you learn the business should be a priority to your upline/MLM organization.

9. Priorities
1. God
2. Family
3. Job
4. Your Network Marketing business.
Any MLM that teaches otherwise has its priorities wrong and will eventually wind up in Chapter 11 - or worse.

10. Integrity
Do some research on the people "at the top" of the MLM you are interested in. Ask for references and see if the people running the show are honest in their dealings. A company is only as good as it's management. The same applies for its integrity.

These 10 aren't the only things involved in deciding what home-based business you want to get into, but they will certainly help start you off on the right foot -

1 Happy Marketer

Here's a business that meets the above criteria and more:
A Great Global Home-based Business Opportunity
Fill out the ticket and hang on!

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Mike Filsaime's Expansion Sale

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How To Create Fill In The Blank Formula Headlines Templates

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by George Dodge

Let's have a little fun with this article. I'll take a look at some headlines that I saw this last week while waiting in line at the local grocery store. Then we'll see if we can turn them into formula templates that can be used for Internet Marketing.

Are you ready? Ok, let's go.

On the front page of the Sun tabloid was the following:

"End Times Shocker! Killer Meteor Heads for U.S.! What You Must Do NOW To Help Save Millions Of Lives!"

Wow, what a headline! Let's see if we can turn it in to a formula template we can use.

_________ Shocker
______________ ____ for ____
What You Must Do NOW To __________________________!

Now let's see if we can fill in the blanks. How about something like the following for someone selling Retirement Planning...

"Retirement Funds Shocker! Millions of Baby Boomers Headed for the Poor House! What You Must Do NOW To Save Yourself From Disaster!"

We could even swap the endings of the two last lines to read...

"Retirement Funds Shocker! Millions of Baby Boomers Headed for Disaster! What You Must Do NOW To Save Yourself From The Poor House!"

Ok, now your turn. Can you think of a way to use the above
formula for a headline for a product of yours?

Or how about this one also from the Sun...

"10 Miracle foods to make you look 10 years younger - Good Doctor Blockbuster Report"

__ Miracle (or similar word) ____ to make (or similar word) you(r) _____________
_____________Blockbuster Report

Try this...

"7 Amazing Strategies to double your list in 90 days - Internet Marketing Guru's Secret Blockbuster Report"


"5 Miracle herbs to make you arthritis free! New Breakthrough Blockbuster Report"

Now this one from Elle girl magazine...

"Behind the Rumors, the Lindsay Lohan no one knows!"


Behind the Rumors, the __________ no one knows!

Now fill in the blank...

"Behind the Rumors, the Mark Joyner no one knows!"

(For those that don't know, Mark Joyner was a very successful Internet marketer who unexpectedly "retired" from Internet marketing to pursue other interest but who's name is starting to pop back up in some of the same circles - we're not sure what he is up to but he loves to play psychological tricks - so stand by for more from Mark).

Now this from the Globe...

"What Lisa Marie Saw - The Videos that could put Michael away."

What ___________ saw (you can replace "saw" with heard, said, revealed, etc)
The ______ that could ________________.

"What (someone) heard at the Big Seminar - The well kept secret that could explode your business!"

if we expand it a little we could get...

"What I heard discussed in hushed tones behind closed doors at the Big Seminar...Here are the well kept secrets the Guru's don't want you to know about, that could explode your business!"

Well, that's enough for this article. However, I wrote down 14 more that morning while waiting in line! As you can see from the above examples, potential headline formula templates are all around you. You just have to take a few moments to look for them.

Some good sources are the covers of the tabloids and magazines found by the checkout counters of grocery stores such as I found above. Here are some examples from the grocery store that I was at...

Readers Digest, Marie Claive, Elle girl, The Globe, The Star, Soap Opera Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Weekly World News, CBS Soaps, Glamour, Fitness, Women's Health & Fitness, National Enquirer, National Examiner, Redbook, etc.

About the Author:
George Dodge is webmaster of - A website that reduces the time and effort required to quickly create with push button ease up to one hundred winning headlines modeled on the greatest profit pulling headlines of all time. Check out Headline Creator Pro if you write headines - you'll be glad you did.

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