Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Get your FREE copy of Derek Gehl's tele-seminar!

Hello reader -

Wow, I just finished listening to Derek Gehl's FREE tele-seminar...

... Okay, actually, I had to listen to a recording of it because the 'live' call was completely FULL and I kept getting a busy signal despite the fact that Derek had opened up 500 extra lines.

Anyway, this call featured an interview with Amanda Montoya, who attended one of Derek's Internet marketing boot camps, made some changes to her website, newsletter, and business automation -- and DOUBLED her annual income in 3 days with an email promotion that generated over $100,000.

... And it's really great information!

So, I wanted to let all of my subscribers know that Derek has just made a recording of this call available as a FREE download, so you can listen to it, too...

Go to Derek's Tele Seminar

-- fill out the registration form and you'll instantly have access to the free recording of this call, plus the details of 2 more FREE tele-seminars Derek is hosting this week.

I highly recommend it!

happy marketer

P.S. Please note... Derek has told me that seating for each call will be strictly limited to 500 callers -- if you miss the cut-off, you'll get a busy signal like I did! So make sure you call EARLY to avoid disappointment!

Register at Derek's Tele Seminar
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