Sunday, November 26, 2006

Own The Internet


I just signed up to be part of AGLOCO™ , an Internet economic network launched few hours ago. Basically, AGLOCO™ gives its Members part of the money they (as Internet users) generate. Their slogan is 'Get Your Share of the Internet'. They are also giving the entire company to the Members (it is a 100% Member owned entity.) -- You get more cash and shares if you refer new Members, which is one of the reasons I’m posting this information.

AGLOCO™ Membership is free. Among the founders there are Stanford students and also the couple who launched AllAdvantage in 1999, which had millions of Members and paid out over $100 million to them. So it has a chance of working... Best of all, there is nothing that the users can lose, because all they do is – sign up, invite friends to join and use the internet normally.

So, click on this link AGLOCO and sign up now. This link will automatically give me credit when you sign up – if it does not work use my id# BBBC0447. Once you sign up, you may check for some cool ideas on how to build your network of contacts fast.

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