Friday, September 16, 2005

Ad Tracking and Why It's Critical to Success: Part V

This will be the last in this series about Ad trackers and why using one is critical to your online success. I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

The next series planned will be concerning Google's Adsense program, and tips regarding it - stay tuned !


Affiliates and webmasters aren't the only ones online that benefit from using ad trackers -

Here are two more areas that greatly benefit from tracking ads and links.

E-zine Publishers

(1) Win advertisers with tracking reports
If you sell advertising space in your e-zine you can offer to your advertisers to replace their URLs with your tracking URLs and e-mail them the results.

Tell your advertisers about these benefits in your advertising guidelines.

They will know the number of click-throughs their ad has generated; they can then decide how to improve their ads for better performance.

If they use a tracker program with your own domain name in the tracking URL your e-zine subscribers will be more inclined to click.

They can use your e-zine as a test center, modifying their ads until they are happy, before launching with other publishers. This saves them time and money; they will remember your service, and may even recommend you to their associates.

(2) Use tracking report results
The tracking reports above will provide you, the publisher, with information on your subscribers' interests, influencing your editorial content and helping you select which potential advertisers to approach. Also, once your advertisers have seen for themselves the benefits of an ad tracking program they will be inclined to purchase one. So set yourself up as an affiliate and promote it to them.

(pssst - Remember? TrackThatAd is free. Why wouldn't they try something as good as this for free?)

(3) Measure your readership
You may already know how many subscribers you have, but how many actually open and read your e-zine, and which parts of it attract the most attention ?

Here's how to find out if you distribute your e-zine in HTML Format: include an image on your page, e.g. a banner or logo or a single pixel GIF. Then reference this image with a tracking URL.

For an e-zine distributed as plain text it is not possible to see if it is actually opened or read. But what you can do is insert tracking URLs at the appropriate points, such as product offers or special articles, and get comparative figures for which items are being read.

Using Pay Per Click Search Engines

(1) Better click activity reporting
Pay per clicks search engines will report to you click activity on your URL. Engines vary in the frequency and format of the reporting so you can use tracking URLs instead to obtain better information.

(2) Prevent fraudulent activity
You can compare your figures with the engine's and should query any large discrepancy

If click activity is unusually high you may have a competitor clicking on your ppc ads just to incur costs against you. You may be able to detect this by comparing the figures for unique hits and actual hits (several hits per visitor).


There you have it - those who (IMHO) must use an adtracker -
Affiliates -
Webmasters -
E-Zine Publishers -
Pay-Per-Click Users -

I guess that just about covers everybody ?

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Let's take a break -

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Ad Tracking and Why It's Critical to Success: Part IV

Craig Haywood and Mike Filsaime, experts at list-building, discuss aspects of ad tracking, list building and auto responders. Just click the ">" button to be a fly on the wall and listen in.

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