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Market your ONline business OFFline

JD Tutterow
© 08/31/2005

While we’re all trying to market online, there is still something to be said for marketing your ONline business OFFline. Several methods exist – direct mail, billboard ads, newspaper/magazine ads, etc.

One of the easiest ways is with business cards. You’ve seen them – on bulletin boards in restaurants, on counter tops and tables in local businesses (maybe at your hair salon). Did you ever take one, or write down the information from one? Maybe you planned to call the business later to get a quote on some work you wanted done?

Well, guess what! You just got “marketed” by the business owner – and you didn’t even know it (maybe you did know it, but you didn’t mind).

Doesn’t it go to reason that if YOU picked up someone’s card that interested you (talk about a TARGETTED prospect!), then wouldn’t someone interested in YOUR business pick up one of YOUR cards?

Some quick suggestions for “drop card” marketing –

1. Make the card interesting (so it will get picked up) and very specific on what you want the person to do – call a phone number, go to a webpage, whatever. If you’re directing a person to a webpage, use a URL that you don’t use anywhere else – then you’ll know visitors are directly from those that looked at your card. Better yet, use a tracking URL.

There are multiple sources to get a tracking URL, but here’s one I use and it works great . There are many unique tools included with this tracker that you will not find anywhere else. How cool is that?

2. Make notes of where, when, and how many you place. Check at regular intervals to replenish (you hope) the supply. Always have some with you to handle those “spur of the moment” opportunities.

3. Start with limited placements.
What I mean is this – Don’t put your cards at 100 different locations to start with. When your site gets visits, you won’t know which location the visitor picked up a card from. That’s where the tracking URL helps.
Here’s the tracker I prefer.

Last, but not least -

4. Be sure to get permission from the business owner prior to leaving your card(s). You may check back and find them all in the trash. Ouch! Besides, the owner may just be interested in a business website – you never know.

50 Places To Leave Your Business Card
(some you may not have thought about – I hadn’t)

Doctor's Office (people get tired of magazines printed in 1985)
Dental Office
Mechanic’s Waiting Room
College Campuses
Back of Bathroom Stall Doors (who’d a thought?)
Hair Salons
Tax Preparation Offices
Insurance Office
Dry Cleaners
Dairy Queen / Baskin Robbins
Bagel Shops
Donut Shops (my favorite)
Nail Salons
Day Care Centers
Retirement Homes (kids and grand kids need websites too)
Model New Home Centers
Real Estate Agent Offices
Corner Stores
In Front of Magazines at Check Out Lines (or stick it IN the magazine)
With Toll Booth Collectors
Grocery Store Clerks
Video Stores
Dressing Rooms
Bank Tellers
Shoe Stores
Kids Resale Shops
Gymboree Centers
Temporary Staff Offices
Flower Shops
Pet Stores
Dance Studios
Grocery Stores Where You Leave Your Ads
Mortgage Offices
Computer Stores (how appropriate)
School Administration Offices
Fabric Stores
The Bakery
Print Shops (might get a deal on printing your cards)
Cashiers at Dealerships
Tanning Salons
Vitamin Stores
Sales People At Any Store
Movie Theater Lobbies
With Your Tip at Restaurants (be sure it’s a good tip)

Got it? Good!
Now get your business cards, choose a few locations (get permission!) and distribute your cards.

Market your ONline business OFFline -

About the Author:
JD Tutterow is an Internet Marketer, and an Independent Representative of Global Domains International.
Click here to visit his personal GDI website. GDI offers personal domains with all the tools necessary to construct a professional website. Personalized business cards are also available.

Permission granted to reprint this article as long as the resource box is included, and the content remains unchanged.

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