Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Attracting Super Affiliates and Creating Joint Ventures just got a lot easier

Just in case you didn't know -

One of THE the fastest ways to generate traffic and sales is to tap into the power of someone else's email list and have them do a mail-out promoting your product. Of course, the goal here is to get a well-known Internet Marketer, sometimes referred to as a "Super Affiliate" (SA) to send an e-mail for you. These SAs are very busy, and generally may not respond to every offer they receive. That's why yours must stand out from the rest.

So, the question is, "How do I find and contact one of these "Super Affiliates" that has a big list?"

Neil Shearing's Spider software makes finding "power players" simpler than ever. It's a very easy to use piece of software that makes child's play out of grabbing great Joint Venture partners and Super Affiliates.

What the Spider does FOR you –
· Finds Super Affiliates for any website

· One simple download, and no fees for ongoing patches. (In fact, all current customers got a free upgrade to the brand new Version 3.0)

· Use the "Irresistible Formula" to get Super Affiliates to work with you

· Watch your profits go bananas as the professionals start promoting your product to their lists

· See your search engine ranking soar as the power players link to you!

Ready to "hire" your Super Affiliate?
Spider Software

happy marketer

P.S. About Neil Shearing...
Neil's been online for over a decade and has an excellent reputation for honest business online. In fact, he founded the ScamFreeZone in 1997 to help people make money online without falling victim to scams. That's why I am happy to endorse his software.

Get the Spider crawling for you today -
Spider Software

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