Friday, January 28, 2005

College Student Earns $11,859.00 in 48 Hours

You've really got to read this article -

A full-time college student made almost 12 grand?
In 48 hours?! What the....!

Do you know anybody who has done (or can do) that -
I don't, so I had to find out what it was about!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Online Marketing Tips, Strategies and Secrets: The Internet Marketing Center

Hear it "straight from the horse's mouth" as Corey (who makes $7.6 million/year) tells you right from his web page what strategies he would use to build an Internet business (in less than 48 hours), and see profits by the weekend.

I'm talking about strategies like:

Step-by-step advice you can use to start your very own Internet business in as little as 48 hours!

How to build a top-selling web site... for less than $100! No matter how small your budget is, Corey will show you the cheapest ways to build a web site that sells!

Where to find hot products (in 20 minutes or LESS!) that you can start selling NOW -- and how to identify in-demand products that can sell like hot cakes!

100s of FREE and cheap online tools, resources, and software that you can use to automate your web site (and can save you 35 hours or more every week)!

How to get #1 rankings in the search engines and get tons of FREE traffic from the "Big Guys" like Google!

Secrets to writing sales copy that can increase sales by up to 400% (or MORE)!

Get 1,000s of NEW visitors to your web site... for FREE.
... And this is just the tip of the iceberg -

"Now is the best time in history to profit online."

"Online spending reached $145,000,000,000 in 2004 -
(That's 145 billion dollars!)"
How much of that do you want a piece of?

"Nearly 7 million NEW households will shop online in the next five years."
How many people do you personally know that shop online?

"It's EASY to find lucrative business ideas and products to sell... using FREE research tools."
Cory shows you the secrets...

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Resources for FREE Advertising for Your Website -

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Don't take this the wrong way - but, if you do not plan to activate and use Instant Buzz as a free advertising tool, please do not ask for an invitation. My supply is growing short, since many have requested and not acted on the invitation.

2. AdGizmo - You really have to visit an AdGizmo site to understand the power of this free tool - It's a unique, 100% free service that will put your ad on practically any site you want. Many members report FANTASTIC results!

3. I saved the best for last - SearchEstate - Search Estate is digital real estate on the Internet. Digital Real Estate that is designed to generate cash flow and web traffic.

SE's purposes:
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#4: Create new digital Real Estate moguls - you! As your network of Internet Billboards grows on websites that are continuously optimized on the search engines, they will be worth money and generate cash flow. This is Search Estate's patent-pending business apparatus.

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