Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Special Report – "Finally, There's a Quick and Easy Way To Learn How To Write Ads, Sales Letters, and Website Copy That Sell Like Crazy"

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Special Report –
"Finally, There's a Quick and Easy Way To Learn How To Write Ads, Sales Letters, and Website Copy That Sell Like Crazy"

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"Discover for yourself how to write profit-producing ads, sales letters, and website copy..."

You'll be able to see exactly how to use:

pre-headlines - used to set up the main headline, a chance to "set the stage" for what's about to come

headlines - the most important part of your sales letter, always test one headline against another to see which pulls best

sub-heads - used to build on the benefits the reader receives, and can also quickly summarize the offer, also used throughout the sales letter to draw attention to main benefits, or to re-spark attention and curiosity

problem/solution - a sales technique of discussing the problem the prospect has, how painful it is, discuss possible solutions, and then reveal your solution and why it's the best choice

stories - people relate to stories and it helps you write in a way to appeal to the emotions of your reader

testimonials - provides proof that what you say is true, and that other people have bought and are happy, and you are liked and trusted

benefit bullets - short and snappy 'mini-headlines' used throughout your sales letter to build desire for the benefits your product/service provides the reader

transitions - used to get from one section to another, or from one thought to another to smooth out the flow

offers - here's where you state exactly what they get, how much it costs, and any other details of the transaction

bonuses - use bonuses to build extra value into your offer, the bonuses should be related to your main offer

guarantees - this provides comfort to your reader that you stand behind your product, and that you the seller are taking the risk, rather than the buyer, always use the longest guarantee possible

call to action - tell your reader exactly how to order now, tell them to pick up the phone, send in the fax, click this button, and to do it now

PS’s - next to the headline, this is the second most closely read part of your sales letter - it's your chance to state your main benefits, offer, and guarantee to your reader

and more - study each letter closely and see what other strategies you can find

And all of this is organized into Seven Sections...

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