Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Free Advertising - IT WORKS!

Resources for FREE Advertising for Your Website -

1. Instant Buzz - This free source is still by invitation ONLY - Click and send me your name and a valid e-mail address. I'll respond as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours. Note: my invitations are limited; each IB member is only alotted a set number.

Don't take this the wrong way - but, if you do not plan to activate and use Instant Buzz as a free advertising tool, please do not ask for an invitation. My supply is growing short, since many have requested and not acted on the invitation.

2. AdGizmo - You really have to visit an AdGizmo site to understand the power of this free tool - It's a unique, 100% free service that will put your ad on practically any site you want. Many members report FANTASTIC results!

3. I saved the best for last - SearchEstate - Search Estate is digital real estate on the Internet. Digital Real Estate that is designed to generate cash flow and web traffic.

SE's purposes:
#1: Get you free targeted web traffic via Internet Billboards. These rotating text ad spots virally grow forever as your personal network of sponsored websites expand.

#2: Give you a way to make money off the search engine advertising market. As we grow, we will sell the ad spots on your billboards for you. (Note: Pro members have the potential to earn 100,000 times more ad billboards than free members.)

#3: Give you an easy way to build a downline network of people interested in your business and give you a way to communicate to them via our spam-free Autoresponder system.

#4: Create new digital Real Estate moguls - you! As your network of Internet Billboards grows on websites that are continuously optimized on the search engines, they will be worth money and generate cash flow. This is Search Estate's patent-pending business apparatus.

(You won't see anything like this on G..gle!)
Even *free* members can make money with Search Estate!

Search Estate is still in *beta* - how does 22 downline members and 81 billboard ads, in only 11 days sound? Those are my results so far -

NOW is the time to build your downline - for FREE!

Click here to get Free Targeted Website Traffic


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