Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dead Real Estate in Your Marketing?

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Dead Real Estate in Your Marketing?
March 01, 2005

Hello, I just wanted to share some ideas with you.
Did you notice when you watch a Yahoo, AOL, MSN video we see commercials now? Did you notice that behind baseball players we see ads on a blue screen now?

Remember when pens just said BIC? Remember when Movie Theaters just had a white screen before the movie stared? Remember when the mail receipt card from your local FREE weekly paper just had postage on one side and blank on the other?

Well, advertisers and businesses have found that not to have an ad on the back of the mail receipt card, or behind the ball players was DEAL REAL ESTATE. Heck, soon Armand will be paid to wear a 1Shoppingcart hat at his seminars, LOL (JK)

So there enters my point! Do you have dead real estate in your marketing?

Here are some tips and examples you can use:))

After someone opts in to your list, why have a DEAD REAL ESTATE page that says, "Thanks for subscribing, click your browser's back button." Why not offer them one of your older ebooks for $19 just this one time instead of $47 that they may never buy. Or why not offer them an affiliate link for a related product. You already have the opt in - right?:))


Why send me an email that says, "You just made a sale. Great job!"
Why not include a P.S. with a copy paste email under it with my link in it that says, "P.S. I made it easy for you to make even more. Here is an email you can send out to your list as a follow up...

"Dear {FIRSTNAME}, yesterday I emailed you about {dynamic_link), the response was real good."

Oh you like that one huh? ;)

If you are emailing them to let them know they made a referral to the site but not a commission, do the same thing. Or in that email,
have a TOP SPONSOR ad -

Sponsor add for
{targeted affiliate program}
{Affiliate Link}

How about when they log out from your membership site? Why send them to the home page, DUH?? Send them to a Targeted affiliate program.

How about when they use a site function like filling out a form. Why say "Thanks for filling out our form." Why not rotate some banners above and below?

When someone joins your FREE site, why send them right to the members area, why not do a JV with someone and offer a great package at a great price? (Just this once)

Hey, these are just some ideas. I use some of them with one time offers and I make nice side cash (enough to make a Car Payment) with some of these little ideas.

So go thru YOUR sites and see if you have DEAD REAL ESTATE on your sites :)

Talk soon!

Mike Filsaime

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