Thursday, February 17, 2005

52 Words and Phrases That Weaken Your Credibility

By Catherine Franz

Whether you are writing or speaking, here are 52 words that weaken your credibility that you probably don't even realize you are using:

1. Well
2. Um
3. You know
4. Like
5. I sort of
6. I just
7. I'm wondering if
8. It kind of
9. It seems like
10. I could be wrong, but
11. This is just a thought
12. Sorry to bother you
13. I have a little question
14. Maybe we could
15. Does that make sense
16. I should
17. I'll try
18. I might be able to
19. Maybe we could
20. You might want to consider
21. One possibility might be
22. Perhaps
23. I'll have to
24. I can't
25. It doesn't
26. I'm not good at
27. If only
28. But
29. I wish someone would
30. I could use some help around here.
31. I might want your help with
32. Always
33. Never
34. Every time
35. Everything
36. Don't
37. No
38. You can't
39. Should
40. If I were you
41. What you need to do is
42. You're supposed to
43. You ought to
44. You must
45. You're not listening
46. You're not being clear
47. You don't understand
48. No problem
49. Whatever
50. You're not making a bit of sense
51. You're not paying attention
52. Late again

Of course, how you say these and in what context makes a difference. Review your articles, listen to what you say when you are speaking in any situation, and remove these words. See the difference in your leadership of your life and in your career.

Copyright, Catherine Franz. All rights reserved.

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