Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The $80 Million Goo-gorilla

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Tell me -

Do you think Google is going to share a significant portion of its search earnings with you and I, just because we place a little search box on our website? (Google earns somewhere around $80 million per month from us – the affiliates)

Don't get me wrong, I believe every little bit counts!

But I want to tell you about a NEW search engine that pays YOU, the web page owner, 100% of the search income!

Search Estate!

Watch for that name - you're going to be seeing it all over the web, and soon.

Think back - would you have taken a piece of Google or Yahoo! when they were new fledglings? I'm not sure if I would have – search engines didn't really seem to register as money-makers.

How could we have known? We couldn't have -

But now we do, and we have a chance to join Search Estate at the beginning (still in beta phase).

Search Estate!

It's free to get started – get free advertising!

In addition, there is a current offer for pro members –
Search Estate will provide you with 1000 leads monthly, and advertise your Search Estate business automatically.

You can download the leads and use them for any other business as well. This is a limited-time bonus!

A free search engine, that YOU make the money on? The decision is obvious - join with us in this "next step" in search engine technology and evolution.

Search Estate!


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