Thursday, December 01, 2005

How Smart Online Entrepreneurs Are Making A Fortune from Adsense Using Free Sites

by Maggie Wallace

You have probably read lots of advice from various so-called experts warning you against the use of free sites. But while you have been taking in this piece of advice and information, others have been busy making a fortune online, using those very free sites that you have been warned against.

Most of these new Internet entrepreneurs have used blogs or web logs to achieve their enviable accomplishments. Many people have not appreciated just how much blogs have changed the World Wide Web and especially many perceptions that previously carried a lot of weight. For instance we are now seeing popular blogs hosted by free services achieving colossal traffic. In other words the emphasis seems to have shifted rather dramatically to the value of the content rather than that of the "vehicle" that carries it.

Because the content in blogs tends to be updated very regularly, search engines have quickly fallen in love with them. The result is that they've been enjoying very high search engine rankings. Then there is the almost natural tendency for blogs to link to one another. The result of this has been that many blogs have almost effortlessly quickly picked up the sort of five figure daily traffic numbers that websites have had to wait for years to achieve. Some blogs have done it in a few short weeks.

Smart online entrepreneurs have established a couple of interesting and tightly focused and targeted blogs, based on both their experiences and valuable, high-paying keywords. The results have been phenomenal with some of them drawing in thousands of dollars monthly in Adsense earnings. For most of them, their earnings from the Adsense click affiliate program have surpassed any other earnings they may have had previously from their online businesses.

Now imagine a situation where some of these new breed of online entrepreneurs have taken the trouble to host their sites at with free hosts who have such a professional approach and look that it is difficult to convince anybody that their sites are hosted free. The result has been the sort of increased Adsense earnings that others find difficult to believe.

It really is worth the effort to look for a good free host to enhance the image of your blog. There is little doubt that this will quite often pay off in a big way in terms of your Adsense click affiliate earnings.

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