Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Your Own Domain - What Every Marketer Needs

Did you ever want to have a web page?

Not one of those “free” domains, but one you could REALLY create, design, and have full control of. No third party ads, no drawn-out l – o – n – g URL name, but something YOU want.

Did you ever question how it would be to have your own domain name?
Do you realize what that means, and what you might achieve with it? The future of the Internet seems to be heading in this direction; everyone will need his or her own domain at some point, it appears.

Are you eager to build a website, but everything you've found so far is too limited (or too expensive!), or the name you wanted was gone, or, somehow, the site simply didn't fit to your wishes?

Now imagine this - your name (or your initials) as your own personal domain name, with your own personal website, AND your own set of personal e-mail addresses.

Or, what about your child’s (or grandchild’s) name as his or her own domain to own for life? He could create a web space of his own, and she would have her own e-mail addresses (ten!).

Perhaps you own a brick-and-mortar business, and are ready to launch it into cyberspace!

Not sure just how to accomplish any of this? Keep reading…

All of this will be yours for life – nothing will change about your website unless YOU choose to change it.

How does that sound? Would that be something to interest you?

Well, how about in addition to all that, you’re supplied all the tools (my mom could understand them – no offense, mom!) you need to build that website, and THEN –

Provide a way to have it pay for itself?

Now you have such a way - Get your own domain name (whatever you want it to be) and the tools to build your own webpage as a professional.

Go here and find out more.

It’s really very simple.

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