Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why Articles Fail To Deliver Traffic To Your Website

by Tony Williams

It's no secret that submitting articles to article directories can generate traffic to a website. In fact, it seems that everybody and their dogs are up to it. But as is the way of the web, many seem to miss the point and don't submit effective articles, or submit articles that have absolutely no relevance to their website.

For example; it is pointless writing an article on the uses of sand in the Sahara desert if your website is about deep sea fishing. Seems obvious eh? Well surprisingly not to some it would appear, because I have seen very similar mistakes in some of the top article directories.

Look at it this way: If somebody is interested enough to read an article about credit cards, why on earth would they then click a link in a resource box that leads to a site about notable ice cream parlours of the northern hemisphere?

With this in mind here are some tips toward writing the 'perfect' article.

Think of a good title
- Make it intriguing enough for people scanning the titles to read the whole article.

Make it relevant
- If the site you want to promote is about collecting 1950's baseball cards then write about this and not sports cars.

Use your keywords
- You should know by now what the popular keywords are for your chosen subject, so include them in your article title and body.

Check spelling
- It's a simple exercise, but one that many article writers neglect. You want to be taken seriously don't you?

Make it interesting
- Don't just waffle! Providing valuable information for your readers will encourage them to click through to your site.

Be resourceful
- Use your resource box wisely and make sure the link to your site works.

Submitting articles to article directories can be a great way to build up that all-important traffic to your website, but not just any old rubbish will do the trick. A little thought and planning when preparing your articles will not only provide interesting reading, but also drive targeted and eager visitors to your site.

About the Author
Tony Williams is a musician, writer, and self-confessed eBay fanatic. Follow his ongoing quest for ways of making and saving money online at

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