Thursday, July 07, 2005

Alan Ezeir, Global Domains International co-founder

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One of our company owners, Alan Ezeir, will be on the GDI conference call tonight. If ever there was a conference call to be on, this is it! If you have been seeking more information about GDI and owning your own domain name, who better to ask than one of the company founders?

Here are the call times and number:
212-796-3215 is the call number-

TONIGHT! Thursday the 7th of July!

7pm Pacific
8pm Mountain
9pm Central
10pm Eastern

GDI has been successful for me, and many, many others.

To read about GDI yourself, here is a link:
1 Happy Marketer!

Go to this page, and click any of the blue links in the middle of the first page. They will take you to the .ws page where you can find out what all the excitement is about.

Look into GDI – it’s not just a bunch of hype.


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