Monday, June 27, 2005

Instant Buzz is Back Up!

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Instant Buzz is back up and running!

What's Instant Buzz, you ask?

To put it bluntly, IB is the most valuable source of free advertising I've yet to run across - That's what it is.

A few weeks ago, IB was shut down due to the irresponsibility of one of it's 50,000+ members (that's how serious SP*M is). This past Saturday the issue was resolved and Instant Buzz is again sending visitors to all of our websites (for free!).

All you do to get that traffic is go about normal Internet activities; you know, the fun stuff - surfing, reading, listening, buying - things the Internet was meant to be used for. While you're having fun on the Internet, the 'Buzz is sending your ad to all other members for them to click on - it really is "as simple as that".

If you haven't used Instant Buzz, it is WELL WORTH the few minutes it takes to get it going - then YOU will be getting free TARGETTED visitors to the website of your choosing.

Need more information?
Sure - check out the stats on this page:
Free-to-Join Traffic Tool

There are several ways you can get IB -

For a time (while it's available) go here:
Instant Buzz

That link has a limited available time span. If it's unavailable, go here: Instant Buzz Invitation and I'll send you an invitation to access Instant Buzz. If I have any invites left, please, PLEASE use it - I don't have that many.

Here are two other links to get Instant Buzz, along with one of the most successful online businesses available today. Don't worry - you won't need any money - there is a free trial to check everything out:
Internet Success Club
Instant Buzz Empire


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