Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Is There Really an Easy Way to Start an Online Business?

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by E K Gann

Is There Really an "Easy way to start an Online Business"?

Too many people were finding the task of starting an online business too difficult. They were tired of reading mountains of material and wanted an easier way. Is there a single resource that would guide them through all the steps they needed to take?

Many found the task either too confusing, too difficult, too time consuming, too expensive or downright impossible!

You've got to believe "There is no free lunch....."

Starting an online business is Easy. You can get it for free if you desire.

However -
Getting an income out of your online business is something different.

But -
Different; not Neccesarily Difficult -

The single biggest piece of advice every marketer gives:
"Build a list of targeted opportunity seekers so you could keep in touch with them and make product recommendations to earn affiliate commissions."

- Believers Create Miracles -

Until you really believe that you can achieve the sort of income you’re looking for online, you'll never take the necessary actions to get achieve your goals.

Many people will procrastinate and do things only when they have no other choice. You've got to set yourself an ultimatum. If you don’t get this to work, what will happen? You’ll just give up and go back to the rat race?

You must treat this as your business and not a hobby.
If you’re always on the "learning mode" and not doing, it’s a hobby.

You may know what you need to do to succeed but actually taking the steps to do it is a whole different story. Why don’t people do things even though they know they need to? Perhaps you’re not taking action because you don't see the immediate impact of your efforts. That's because you’re focusing on the process and not the result.

For people who are confused, they don’t know where to begin, and they're confused with the technology. Frustration creeps in.

Reduce your confusion - take one step at a time.

1) Always Get The First Steps Right.
2) Don't try to learn everything at once.
3) Confusion can only be reduced through experience.

If you don't take action on what you've learned, then you will get no experience.

Don't ever give up because you don't know how to work a program.
Again, focus on the results, not the process.

You only need to learn something once, and you can use that knowledge to produce your income many times.

Ask other people and search around the forums to find an answer for your confusion. There's no such thing as a stupid question. Start visiting forums, you'll find the most helpful people there, if you are willing and humble enough to ask for answers.

About the Author:
This is EK Gann. My aim here is to work together and help others starting a business online (especially beginners) who may be facing problems and difficulties getting resources.

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