Friday, May 13, 2005

Put Your Multi-lingual Talent To Work

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GDI Announces Plans to Launch Web Sites in International Languages in 2005!

GDI has recognized that it is time to become a truly global business opportunity. The .ws web site is already available everywhere, but it is now being translated into to the top languages used on the Internet. Look at the table below and you'll see that GDI has only scratched the surface of reaching everyone on the planet.

In fact, the English language only makes up about 1/6 of the world's population, but most of the world's web pages are in English. Here's another interesting fact. There are nearly 400 MILLION Spanish speaking people in the world, and 14.6 percent of them are Internet users (and that percentage is growing quickly), but only about 3 percent of the world's web pages are in Spanish.

In addition to the German and French speaking Internet community, that's a market of approximately 150 MILLION people (and more coming online every day) - with almost no competition in the network marketing industry. These Internet users are much more open-minded to opportunities presented to them in their native language.

Are you able to envision the massive opportunity available, once plans are completed and carried out? In some of the countries GDI will have access to, members will be able to reach people through the major media, at just a fraction of what it would cost here in the U.S. to place a similar ad, and with a lot fewer competing ads.

GDI will be translating their web site into NINE different languages as soon as possible.

The Top Ten Languages on the Web (Number of Users of the Internet by

Internet Users by Language
Language as % of Total Internet Users
World Population Estimate for Language

English - 32.8%
291,821,168 people

Chinese - 12.8%
113,414,713 people

Japanese - 7.6%
67,677,947 people

Spanish - 6.4%
56,844,480 people

German - 6.1%
54,244,805 people

French - 4.2%
37,502,485 people

Korean - 3.6%
31,600,000 people

Italian - 3.2%
28,610,000 people

Portuguese - 2.4%
21,691,837 people

Dutch - 1.6%
14,655,328 people

Total of 3,800,307,391 people - 80.8 % of the world's Internet users

Rest of the Languages:
2,611,759,794 people, 19.2 % of the world


6,412,067,185 Internet users

(*) NOTES:
(1) Internet Top Ten Languages Usage Stats were updated on March 24, 2005.
(2) Average Penetration is the ratio between the sum of Internet users speaking a language and the total population estimate that speaks that referred language.
(3) The most recent Internet usage information comes from data published by Nielsen//NetRatings, International Telecommunications Union, and other reliable sources.
(4) The population information is from
(5) For definitions and navigation help, see the Site Surfing Guide.
(6) Stats may be cited, giving the source and establishing an active link back to ©Copyright 2005, Miniwatts International, Ltd. All rights reserved.

If you are multi-lingual, GDI would like your help! (and you'll get something great in return)

GDI has over 200 countries represented by the current affiliate base, and is quite sure that all of the languages planned for translating are known by at least some of the affiliates.

GDI is enlisting the help of the affiliates to get the translations done into these languages. If an affiliate speaks one of the languages listed below, GDI would like them to consider helping translate portions of the web site. Of course, those that translate will get something in return.

After the translation is complete, GDI will be pouring a lot of money into advertising in other languages, both on the Internet and in print. Affiliates that assist in the translation of web sites into their native language will receive this benefit:

The majority of GDI’s advertising in that language will be directed towards that affiliate’s GDI organization!
(some requirements apply, such as helping track the results of the advertising)

To take part in this, you must be:

1. A GDI Affiliate
2. A fluent and native speaker of one of the languages listed below, AND -
3. Be fluent in English

This will take time and effort on your part to complete, and it will be an ongoing job. Details of the agreement may be discussed, but GDI needs a resume from any affiliates chosen to interview further for the position.

The first languages to be translated:

· Spanish
· German
· French

GDI hopes to have these languages in place within a few months, and then Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch will follow shortly thereafter.

While getting web sites converted into these languages, GDI will be hiring bilingual customer service reps who will act as ambassadors to the new languages. However, the majority of the translation task will belong to the selected affiliate(s); therefore a certain number of hours per day will need to be committed to help GDI get your language launched.

Are you up for the challenge? Will you reap the benefits of GDI’s new International advertising?

To take advantage of this unique opportunity:

1. Become an affiliate - go here

2. Contact GDI at:

3. Let them know you’re interested -

If you are multi-lingual and you want to use that talent to improve your financial future -

Join GDI -

You’ll be ready to benefit TREMENDOUSLY from this new venture!

Good Luck!

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