Monday, May 23, 2005

Link Exchange (Important tips)

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by Hamoon Arbabi

1-ALWAYS try to find popular key terms. You can use search term suggestion tools like overture. Overture will pull up a page full of related search terms in order of their importance.

2-ONLY find key terms related to your business and your website content. Unrelated key terms DON’T give you any targeted visitor.

3-Use suitable key terms throughout your Home-page and important pages.

4-Search your key terms in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Altavista, … DON’T waste your time with Non-popular search engines.

5-USE Google toolbar and see “PageRank” while visit each website you find.

6-TRY to exchange link just with websites who have a Google PageRank of more than 3.

7-TRACK your results using ClickTracker programs. You must find the best related key terms to your business and the best websites for targeted visitors.

8-CONTINUE this process!!!!!! Exchange link until at least 100 links back to your website.

Good luck!
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