Friday, April 29, 2005

Traits and Skills of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs

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There are certain traits and skills that many successful online entrepreneurs have in common. Some mentioned in this article may seem simple and obvious, but don't overlook their importance.

You may not personally be strong in all areas, but you can get by as long as you can delegate tasks that call for them to someone on your team who is.

* Good Communicator

Whether you are communicating by email, your web site, ICQ, web-based forums, or whatever, you (or someone in your organization) need to demonstrate good communication skills - especially good writing skills.

Unfortunately, many online communications are very weak in this area. I'm not saying this to be critical, but to point out an area for improvement that many can benefit from by paying more attention to.

Since we're all human and prone to making mistakes, our communications may not be flawless, but the more clearly and accurately we get our message across, the more likely our prospects will grasp our message and take the desired action.

However, that does not mean that we need to try to impress people with complex language, nor that we even have to communicate in a way our English teachers would be proud of.

Research has shown that clear, simple, everyday language outsells complex language.

* Calculated Risk-Taker

True entrepreneurs aren't necessarily foolhardy gamblers or risk-takers, but tend to be willing to take carefully calculated risks after careful thought and planning (thereby reducing the risk). This is better than dragging one's feet too long, suffering from "analysis paralysis," wasting precious time over-analyzing things.

* More of a Doer Than a Dreamer

Having dreams and aspirations about becoming a successful entrepreneur is all well and good. The problem is, it is much easier to dream than it is to roll up our sleeves and get busy making those dreams come true. Only when we do more doing than dreaming will we ever become successful.

* Persistent

As I've watched new online ventures come and go, and others (including my own) come and GROW, I've noticed that persistence is a key ingredient missing from many failed ones. And some are right on the brink of success when they quit!

* Cautiously Optimistic

Rather than have a negative outlook on life (which will eventually by conveyed to prospects and customers) successful entrepreneurs tend to have a "can do" attitude, and to see opportunity where others only see problems.

* Goal Oriented

Entrepreneurs take a lot of satisfaction in setting and reaching business-related goals. This isn't surprising, as all humans have a natural desire to find satisfaction in their accomplishments.

* Customer Oriented

Hit and run entrepreneurs don't usually last, but those who focus on understanding and satisfying the wants, needs and buying trends of their customers, tend to thrive.

* Passion for the Type of Business

Entrepreneurs aren't just motivated by a desire to earn a living. They usually have such an interest in their line of business that it rarely seems like work to them. It helps them put in the long hours that getting a business up and running sometimes calls for.


Things change rapidly, especially online. The successful entrepreneur is willing to overcome mistakes, meet new challenges head-on, and adapt to change. Doing so can mean the difference between success and failure.

* Skilled at Marketing

In business, as the saying goes, "Everything is marketing." The world can not and will not beat a path to your door to buy your "better mouse trap" if the world doesn't know about it.

Regardless of what business you're in, marketing is the critical tool used to present the solutions that your products and services offer, to the rest of the world.

As legendary promoter P.T. Barnum said: "Without promotion, something terrible happens - NOTHING!"

Like any other skill, your marketing can be improved through increased knowledge and practice. Invest in expanding your knowledge of marketing. Doing so can serve you well throughout your entrepreneurial career.

Benjamin Franklin put it well when he said: "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

Of course, there are lots of other skills and traits that successful Internet entrepreneurs have at their disposal, but the above list covers many of the most crucial ones. May it help you also find success as an online entrepreneur.

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