Friday, April 22, 2005

* 13 Powerful Reasons Why Instant Blog and Ping is Absolutely Effective *

If You Want To Consistently Get your Website Pages Spidered and Indexed into all the MAJOR Search Engines... No Matter Who You Are, How Much Experience You Have Or What Kind Of Budget You're limited to... And especially If You're Sick And Tired Of Software and Services being insanely over-priced, Then 'Instant Blog and Ping' Desktop Software is for you...

1) It completely automates the whole process of Blog and Ping
2) It's desktop software that runs on your computer - so no relying on server uptime
3) You can open multiple instances of the program, allowing you to accomplish more
4) You can minimize to your tray and it will not interfere with your surfing or work
5) You choose how many pages to post to your blog
6) You choose how long you want it to wait between posts - from 1 min upwards
7) You can choose to post your pages' Meta Description to your blog
8) You can choose to post Random text from your web pages to your blog
9) You can Ping Yahoo and Pingomatic (these are all you need)
10) You can use information or Wordpress information
11) When it crawls in all your pages it won't pull in 404 error pages or Duplicate Pages
12) You can see in real time what pages are posting - and when it's pinging
13) With its user friendly interface you will find it is extremely easy to use

It's a Proven System that works!

Fact: Siliconvalley and Search engine watch reported in February 2003 that Google purchased

Fact: Time Magazine reported in 2004 that blogging has become so popular that even Microsoft has launched its own blogging services called "MSN Spaces"

Fact: Yahoo! has released their own place to blog called Yahoo! 360°

Fact: Aol Has their own place to blog called AOL Journals

With this in mind, here's why those facts are important to you:

All the Major search engines see the value and potential of blogging evolving so much that Google purchased San Francisco company Pyra Labs who operated

Think about this..Google owns - so everyday it sends search engine spiders to check out for New Fresh Content.. and when it finds it (i.e Your Blog with all your website pages and postings), it's as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof, and this is not just my opinion.

The truth is...

There really is no need to submit your website pages to google as they will find you through the blog as they seek out fresh content -

There is no need to spend $299 to get into Yahoo! directory as it will be alerted to your blog and the links to your site the moment you Ping -

Who wouldn't jump at this?

It really couldn't be any easier unless I pressed the buttons for you. That means, in about 2 painless minutes, you can have pages posted and your blog pinged, without the effort!

Download the software here:
Instant Blog and Ping Automated Desktop Software

Make your life easier -

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