Friday, January 14, 2005

Search Estate -the FREE Money-making Traffic-generating website!

You're in luck - this is still in the beta phase - Translation: there are still benefits to be made available to you (and me), the affiliate.

Nowhere is there available a site/business quite like Search Estate. I personally looked at it several months ago, but passed on it. NO ONE really explained what it was, how it worked, and how easy it is to make money with. Or, was I just too dumb to comprehend, or simply not paying attention. I shudder to think where I would be at now, if I had joined then :o(

My responsibility? Just give away free sites! That's it - Search Estate does practically everything else for me.

It's the most automated, easy-to-personalize and set up site I've come across - free members get three ads - banners, billboards, or click-thru text ads, and pro members get 20, all rotating, plus more...There are too many benefits to go into detail about here - it would take a hundred pages (well, maybe not 100, but a lot).

You even make more money from free members - who's ever heard of that?

If you have any type of site that needs advertising (who online doesn't) Search Estate is your best value, bar none (unless your rich uncle supplies you with unlimited amounts of cash - that might be better).

If you're good at giving away free stuff, ad this to your freebies list -

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