Thursday, January 20, 2005

Make Money, Do Nothing!

It's true - you can actually make money by doing nothing -

I am. I get a check from this company every month - and it puts me in profit. I do nothing.

"Do nothing" is not quite the correct term - although you personally may not "do" anything, the company is advertising like crazy, sending targetted traffic to YOUR site.

The promoters already know their sale-per-visit ratios, so they can tell you (within reason) what kind of results to expect with each of three options, and how long it may take to get those results (it doesn't take very long). The copywriters/designers are constantly tweaking and adjusting, to get YOU the best results possible.

The product? A web-based data storage system to be used for business or personal tasks, accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

Here are some ideas:
. Scratch pad
. Reminders
. To-do lists
. Phone numbers / contact lists
. Conversation logs
. Links to favorite documents / websites
. Links to songs, pictures, movies, spreadsheets, applications, etc.
. Wills, contracts, business plans, etc.

There are many tasks that can be performed - all while your site is being promoted automatically, making you an income - and you didn't do anything!

Make Money, Do Nothing!

Ain't it great?

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