Friday, December 30, 2005

A Successful Business Year 2006

Some questions to ask yourself as you prepare for the New Year and all the opportunity it holds:

1) Who am I working for?
2) What is the value of my time?
3) Am I working to promote my own business, or am I working to promote someone else's business?
4) Am I building my own list, or am I building someone else's list?
5) Are people visiting my site because they want what I offer? Or are they visiting my site to gain credits so they can promote their own?
6) Who benefits when I join particular programs?
7) Who benefits most from my efforts, my time, my money, my advertising, and my marketing?
8) Is there a better way?

After asking myself these questions, I derived my own set of goals for 2006.

1) I will work for myself, not someone else.
2) I will build my business, not someone else's.
3) I will build my own list, not someone else's.
4) I will participate only in those programs that put money into my pocket, not take it out.
5) I will succeed.

Do your goals match or exceed mine?

Whatever the case, I hope you do make plans towards your success –

Happy & Blessed New Year!

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