Friday, March 11, 2005

Mike Filsaime Is One Crazy Person!

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I've never seen anything like this, and if it's not yet Wednesday, March 16, you can still get in on this -

Is it just me or is Mike crazy? I mean, I'm not just saying that. But every so often, the guy gives away the whole house and everything in it. And he swears this is his last time because of his latest big investement.

So even though I don't peddle everything that comes my way, I still feel it's my duty to inform you when something of exceptional value comes my way.

It began Friday morning at midnight, and it's for 5 DAYS only. This one, I would honestly NOT miss.

It's TOO ridiculous.

I am NOT kidding. I am NOT just saying this.

The sale is HUGE and VALUABLE, and you should go there right now -

Mike's RIDICULOUS offer!

1 Happy Marketer

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