Friday, July 29, 2005

Work-at-Home Dads VS. Work-at-Home Moms

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by Lawrence Pryor

The term work at home mom or "WAHM" is widely known for sure -but "work at home dads?" Hmmm are they not known as the "entrepreneurs"?

Whatever it is the ladies really call "work at home dads", working at home whether as mom or a dad is a full time job. The Internet is open to all of us, regardless of our sex, age, location, race, or any other obstacle that our minds see fit to throw at us.

Working online is the only true marketing medium that levels the playing the field by so much so that huge success and everything that goes with it can and should be achieved by those who are willing to put in the time and the effort. I have been working on-line for 6 years and I have had the pleasure of watching my
daughter grow up from a bouncing baby girl to a happy 7 year old with personality, and I would never, ever change it.

The Internet can allow you this freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. These are not just some motivational words - THIS IS REAL!

Actually "doing" something to get things rolling to start a home-based business is the first essential step... sounds easy right? But how many people who read the books, buy the marketing materials and go to the conferences.....actually go out and do it after spending $1000's of precious dollars? Believe me - over 93% of these people do absolutely nothing, zilch, zero, squat, nothing at all!! What a pure waste of money...but even better is the gap in the marketplace that they leave for those people who do want to it...heh

So just what does it actually take to start a home based business and be successful working from home? Many different factors make this up and no one thing is attributable but here are a few pointers to make you think. They are in no particular order, but are all equally important.

1# Dedication To See Through Any Task

2# Commitment

3# Perseverance

4# Faith

5# Have A Clear Plan Of What You Want To Achieve ( Be Realistic)

6# Spend Quality Time With Family

7# Set Up A Daily Or Weekly Task Schedule That You Will Stick Too

8# Promote Your Business Everyday In Some Form

9# Learn About Your Market

10# Don’t Give Up

11# Organise And Prioritize Your time

These pointers will give you some idea of what is needed to start your own home based business and to be successful on-line. But listen to this; there are NO SECRET OR MAGIC FORMULAS to it - at all. What you put into it YOU WILL get back out of it.

Remember that everything that you do to promote your business will have some sort of an effect, EVERYTHING!!

It is these build up of daily action plans/tasks and the ongoing promotions that will put your site on to auto-pilot when it is established. It will take time and effort on your part to do it, but it can and it is being done by many smart work at home dads and work at moms. It works FOR ALL - no exceptions...

About the Author
Lawrence Pryor has been working on-line since 1999 and is the Managing Director of Lawrence is also the co Author of "Achieve Extreme Success" A booked dedicated on how to explode your profits on-line.

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